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Vital Grown

Vital Grown is committed to providing superior quality cannabis based on deep cultivation knowledge and experience. Vital Grown utilizes the complete Vital Garden Products line of triple certified organic soils, fertilizers, and amendments. We have raised the bar on terpene profiles, potencies, and flavors. Experience the Vital difference today, we are all VITAL.


For years, Vital Grown founders Brian Malin and Mateo Meadowcraft cultivated their knowledge of organic farming and growing all-natural cannabis. Brian founded Vital Garden Supply and created the formula for the Vital Garden Products line. Mateo established a licensed farm in Mendocino and put his lifelong passion for cultivating cannabis to work.

In 2019, Brian and Mateo teamed up to form Vital Grown, a new line of naturally-grown, premium cannabis products grown with traditional farming practices. Mateo’s farm brings a history of authentic California, sun-grown farming culture, while Brian’s Vital Garden Supply products introduce healthy, all-natural, balanced soils and fertilizers.

The Vital Grown Farm is proud to use sustainable farming practices while steering clear of ever using chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Instead, there is a focus on organic inputs, soil biology, and quality genetics. Each cannabis plant is grown outdoors in full sunlight and hand-harvested when the time is right. Through a time-perfected curing process, all Vital Grown products also come with superior terpene profiles.

Take the high road and experience Vital Grown today!


Brian Malin

Brian Malin is the founder and CEO of Vital Garden Supply, and the co-founder of Vital Grown. His mission is to pioneer the importance of organically grown cannabis for consumers and growers worldwide.

Mateo Meadowcroft

Mateo Meadowcraft is the co-founder of Vital Grown and owner of Vital Grown Farms in Mendocino. His mission is to help make the Vital Grown brand a leading example of top shelf, naturally-grown cannabis.
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